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Weekly Wrap

Lots of exciting stuff happens at St. Joseph's each week and we want to share this with parents and community members, hence we have created a new weekly video called "The Weekly Wrap". This video will be a compilation of all the things that have taken place at school and will feature in our Newsletter each week. Your feedback is welcome.

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Term2, Week 1

Term2, Week 2

Term2, Week 3

Term2, Week 4

Term2, Week 5

Term2, Week 6

Term2, Week 7

Term2, Week 8

Term2, Week 9

Term3, Week 1

Term3, Week 2

Term3, Week 3

Term3, Week 4

Term3, Week 5

Term3, Week 6

Term3, Week 7

Term3, Week 8

Term3, Week 9

Term3, Week 10

Term4, Week 1

Term 4, Week 2

Term4, Week 3

Term 4, Week 4

Term4, Week 6