St Joseph's School

Queens Park

140 Railway Parade,
Queens Park WA 6107
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Principal's Report - 2017

IntroductionThe 2017 school year didn't quite start out as planned with me being absent for the first six weeks, however, I would like to thank Mrs Savage- Morton, who cut her holiday short to ensure a smooth start to the school year. I was pleased that Mr Kelly, and in fact all the staff, gave Kaye strong support at that time.
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Annual Community Meeting - Chair Report - 20th November 2017

Welcome everyone to the 2017 Annual Community Meeting of St Joseph’s School. On behalf of the School Board, I would like to thank you all for attending, and for showing your continued support.
This has been yet another successful year for the students, school, staff and community. The year began with an unexpected start, as we learnt that Peter Yensch, would be unable to commence the school year. We were grateful for all staff, who were able to accept different roles within the school, in particular Kaye- Savage Morton, who took on an Acting Principal Role. The school year was able to commence smoothly and Term 1 was met with minimal disruption.
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