St Joseph's School

Queens Park

140 Railway Parade,
Queens Park WA 6107
(08) 9251 0500

Our History

St Joseph’s School History

In 1898 the Sisters of Mercy from Derry, Ireland established a Convent at Victoria Park. At that time the Victoria Park Parish extended from South Perth to Armadale, thus including the area now known as Queens Park. The Year 1912 saw the completion of the Church named after St Joseph at Queens Park - a ‘station’ Church for the Victoria Park parish. In 1915 the St Joseph’s Church/School was established, due to a large extent to the efforts of Mrs D Cantwell, proprietress of the Coronation Hotel. The foundation Sisters at the school were Sr M Aloysius Phelan and Sr M Alphonsus Bennett who travelled daily from Victoria Park.

St Joseph’s Vision

We at St Joseph’s School Queens Park, are a faith community striving to recognise and respond to the image of Christ in us all, as we grow through work and prayer.

St Joseph’s Motto

“To Work Is To Pray”

St Joseph’s Values

As St Joseph’s was established by the Mercy Order of Sisters many of their foundation principles underpin the traditions of the school. One of these traditions is the care and concern for each individual of the St Joseph’s Community; students, staff and parents. Gospel values of Truth, Justice, Endurance, Dignity, Charity, Peace and Compassion remain central to our teachings and practices.

St Joseph’s School Song

In our Centenary Year 2015 Aleisha Powell, a staff member, wrote and put to music what was then called our Centenary School Song. Aleisha incorporated the Wadjuk people on whose land we reside. The song mentioned the Mercy sisters and how we work in the Spirit of Catherine McAuley and follow the Mercy sister’s values of Justice, Compassion, Tolerance, Peace and Forgiveness. The song is now referred to as St Joseph’s School Song.

Listen to our School Song

St Joseph’s School Prayer

In our Centenary Year 2015 Lynda Beadle, a staff member, wrote a School Prayer for us. The prayer originally began with the words “We pray to you in this centenary year of St Joseph’s School”. We changed it to “We pray to you as the community of St Joseph’s School” after the centenary year was over. Lynda ensured that this prayer honoured the Mercy tradition of our school by saying that we remember the Mercy values of Justice, Compassion, Tolerance, Peace and Forgiveness. Copies of the school prayer are in every classroom of the school and are printed on a photo that Lynda took of a rainbow over an original feature of the school that was not changed in the rebuild. The rainbow was a symbol we took for the whole of our Centenary Year. The prayer is:

Dear Lord,
We pray to you as the community of St. Joseph’s School
To honour the Mercy sisters by remembering their values,
Justice, Compassion, Tolerance, Peace and Forgiveness.
Grant us the courage to live by these values and bless our school community,
Past, present and future.
We ask this in Jesus’ name.

School Flags

Using the colours of the rainbow the school now has seven tear drop flags. The first two are St Joseph’s and Mercy with the other five being our values of Justice, Compassion, Peace, Tolerance and Forgiveness.