St Joseph's School

Queens Park

140 Railway Parade,
Queens Park WA 6107
(08) 9251 0500

The Mercy Café

The Mercy Café is our wonderful school canteen that provides the children with healthy, delicious snack options at affordable prices for families. At the end of 2016, we ran a competition to name our school canteen, the winning entry being “The Mercy Café”, a wonderful tribute to the Mercy sisters that established our school over 100 years ago. Parents and students can order recess and lunch from the canteen before school or through our online canteen facility.

A Very Big Thank You To All Canteen Helpers

If anyone in the family has any time to spare, their help would be appreciated. Please leave your name and phone number at the canteen. One hour or longer is a great help on any day.

We are endeavouring to provide a healthier and more nutritious foods as recommended by the Canteen Association and Department of Health and Education For this reason icecreams, fruit lollies and popcorn will only be sold after the play siren at lunch time. This menu is subject to change.

*Credit is not offered by the canteen under any circumstances, however, you may leave money in the canteen for your child to spend. No responsibility will be taken by staff for how the money is spent.

Donations of any fruit and salad vegetables will be gratefully received. Ground Coffee is available in the morning for $2 if you bring your own re-useable mug or $3 in a disposable cup.

Thank you for your support of the canteen.

Download the latest Canteen Menu.

Register for our QuickCliq.

Here is how you can get started.
After you have Registered....

  1. Log in by entering your login and password. Once you are logged in, go to the "Add Child" tab displayed on the far right corner of the page.
  2. Be sure to fill out all your child's details before clicking "Add Child"
  3. Click the "Add Credit" tab to add credit to your account.
  4. Place an order by clicking the "Add order" button.
  5. Follow the four simple steps to order a meal for your child.
    • Step 1 - Select child
    • Step 2 - Select date
    • Step 3 - Select the meal you would like to order and add tem to the order.
    • Step 4 - Confirm the order or if you have more than one child, click "Confirm and place new order" Tab.

Once you have confirmed the order, you will receive a confirmation email from Our Online Canteen. You can also double check your order by clicking either the "Active Orders" tab or the "Transaction History" tab.

If you have any issues or concerns, or have any queries, please email Our Online Canteen at or call 1300 484 888. If you have any meal related issues, please contact your school canteen.